R & C Co. Limited. is a well-established 100% Export Oriented leather finished goods Manufacturer & Exporter from Bangladesh Chittagong Export Processing Zone. We have established this factory very recently. Our management and production teams have more than 10 years of experiences in producing all kind of leather finished goods from many Asian countries in the past and now stationed at Bangladesh. We have been focusing on quality and timing management services meeting our worldwide customers’ standards. Our competitive pricing would build up the long-term business relationship with potential growth for both parties.

Our facility is located at 8000 sq.ft building where both production and administration are at one building which allows us for stronger follow up and quicker internal communications. Our main goals are to provide the out most quality for both sampling and productions. We have an independent fully equipped sampling department with skilled sample makers for new developments from customers. Our new samplings timing could be as fast as 7-10 in lead-time.

Export Markets


Key products



Randa Apparel & Accessories (LEVI's, PVH, VF, ABG, GUESS..)


Xiamen Yes Trading Co., Ltd

Xiamen, China

Xiamen Yesleather Co.,Ltd

Xiamen, China

Guangzhou Yes Leather Industrial Co,. Ltd.

Guangzhou, China

Yes Leather Industries Ltd.

British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong

Yes-Leather Industrial Co,.Ltd.

Chittagong, Bangladesh

R & C Co. Ltd.

Chittagong, Bangladesh



Our vision is to mature in to a highly reputed manufacturer of leather goods in the international market by producing top quality product which conforms and surpasses the customer expectation.


Our mission is to become one of the leading leather goods manufacturers in Bangladesh in every aspect of its business and in delivering its obligations as a good corporate citizen to its customers, employees, and owners, public and to the environment

Our Focus

We focus on production of top quality leather goods in fully compliant environment meeting timely delivery.

Our Objectives

Conforms and surpasses the customer expectation, Improve Productivity, Minimize Rejection Rate, Development of Employees to meet Future Challenges and Continual Improvement.


Legal Requirements

As reputed company R&C has been maintaining all legal and statutory requirements of the country.


Company is maintaining wages, hours of work, overtime and other related requirements as per prevailing law of the country.

Wages, Pay Slips, Attendance

Company is maintaining workers attendance, wages, pay slips, leave records…etc electronically through computer software and face/finger punch.

Child Labor

Child labor is strictly prohibited in the factory and below 18 years no worker is allowed for any employment. Birth Certificate, Doctor’s Age determination documents and physical appearances are verified before offering any employment to any worker.

Forced Labor

Forced labor is strictly prohibited in the factory and there is no prisoner, bonded labor or any kind of forced labor.

Non discrimination

It is R&C policy to ensure affirmative action in providing equal opportunities without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, age or national origin except where age or sex is a bona fide occupational qualification. Further it is prohibited to conduct any kind of maternity test before selection of any female worker for employment.

Security Concern

Company is very much concern about Access Controls, Physical Security, Procedural Security, Personnel Security and Education & Awareness Training on all security concerns. Further all measures are in place to prevent any kind of un-authorized or un-identified access to the factory premises.

Right of Association

Workers are allowed to form Lawful Association

Harassment and Abuse

It is the company’s strict policy to make sure no harassment or abuse inside the factory premises and who ever gets involve or encourage such activities will be dealt immediately based on company policy for disciplinary actions. Further management of the company has very positive attitude towards workers’ grievances and takes all grievances very seriously .


Capacity : 200,000 Wallet & 200,000 Belt

Lead Time : 90 Days

Working Hour : 8 Hours Per Day

Payment Terms : FOB, CIF, LC at site etc.


Trade License

Certificate of Incorporation

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Business Identification Number (BIN)/VAT

Export Registration Certificate (ERC)

Import Registration Certificate (IRC)


Minimum age : 18 years

Minimum wage : 8200 TK. (USD 82) (Excluding Transport allowance,, Food, OT,Incentive & Bonus) (Medical Allowance Fixed-1450)

Basic : As per BEPZA Act & Rules.

Bonus (Festival) : 2 time per year equal to basic Wages

Leave : Practice as per local law & BEPZA Instruction .

Overtime calculation : (Basic /208)X2

Monthly working hour : 208

Normal daily working hours : 8(After 8 hours it will be treated as a OT)

Job agreement : Employment letter , Hand book & Service book .

Holiday : Weekly holiday & Festival holiday Total 63 days in a year

Tiffin : Free for every employee

Lunch : Free for every employee


Health Practice

Free Doctor & Medical Facility
Certified Nurse for Working Hour
Fully Equipped First Aid Facility
Trained First aider
Fully Equipped and Trained Fire Fighting and Rescue Team
Specialized Fire Orotective Instrument as well as the Fire Door
Fire Hydrant System
Emergency Power Supply System
Addressable Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm

Law Practice

Local & National Labor Code
Specially BEPZA Act of Rules
ILO Convention
Buyer Code of Conduct